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Emmi-H22 - Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

Emmi-H22 - Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

€234.45 *

Emmi-H22 - Ultrasound Cleaning Device
240 QP

Emmi-H22 - 2.2 liter pure cleaning power.

Emmi-H22 expands the supply of ultrasonic cleaning devices in the Emmi-Club.

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Emmi-H22 - Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
240 QP 

Emmi-H22 - 2,2 Liter pure cleaning power. 

Universal ultrasonic cleaning device with stainless steel oscillating tank and stainless steel cover, timer from 1 to 60 minutes, continuos operation and heating (20° - 80°C).

Dental accessories, home use, laboratory, optics, studios and workshops. 

Dimensions & Technical Data: 
Tank volume - 2.2 liter
Ultrasound power - 60WDevice-outside (L x B x H): 300 x 170 x 225 mm 
Heating power - 100W
Generator - 1 x 60W
Inner dimensions of tank (L x W x H) - 238 x 138 x 65 mm
Outer dimensions (L x W x H) - 300 x 170 x 225 mm 

Stainless steel cover
Stainless steel basket
Heating regulation 

Ideally suited for the cleaning of glasses, eyeglass parts, hearing aids, dentures, weapon parts, jewellery, motor parts and plastic parts. 

The stainless still cover is sound absorbing and the stainless steel basket protects your cleaned objects as well as the transducer tank. 

Emmi-H22 expands the supply of ultrasoning cleaning devices in the Emmi-Club.
Important - No combustible liquids, acids or chloride-containing materials and household cleaners. Do not place items on the tank bottom. After the cleaning process rinse your cleaned devices briefly with water.
Content Emmi-H22:
1 Emmi-H22 Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
1 Stainless Steel Basket
1 Top Cover
1 Bottle Universal Cleanser - 100ml