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emmi®-0.0.7. Shaving Care Set

emmi®-0.0.7. Shaving Care Set

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emmi®-0.0.7. - Shaving Care Set 

38 QP
Special Launch Price. 

- 1 emmi®-0.0.7 - 7 blade razor
- 1 emmi®-0.0.7 - replacement blades (4 pieces)
- 1 emmi®-0.0.7 - Shaving lotion for men -150ml 

The perfect combination for a thorough and gentle shave.

The innovative emmi®-0.0.7. - 7 blade razors and the nourishing emmi®-0.0.7. Shaving lotion for men ensure an exceptional shaving result. 

emmi®-0.0.7. - Shaving care set - Pure thoroughness. Pure moisture.

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emmi 0.0.7. - Shaving Care Set 
38 QP 
Special Launch Price. 

The perfect combination for a thorough and gentle shave. 

The innovative emmi-0.0.7. - 7 Blade shavers and the caring emmi-0.0.7. Shaving lotion provides an extraordinary shaving result. 

emmi 0.0.7. -  7-Blade Razor 
The emmi 0.0.7. 6+1 blade revolution offers you the comfort of 6 blades and the precision of one trimmer blade. The 6 closely arranged blades of our shaving system reduces pressure on your skin and gives you the opportunity for an especially efficient and comfortable shave. 

A smoother gliding is guaranteed with the special designed long lasting Comfort-Gel of emmi 0.0.7. No more irritation, no more friction.

The trimmer blade helps trimming tight spaces very precisely. An even better result is achieved by using the new emmi-0.0.7. shaving lotion with its special moisture formula.

emmi-0.0.7 Shaving Lotion for Men - 150ml 
With special moisture formula. Suitable for all skin types. 

Apply the emmi-0.0.7 Shaving Lotion with your hands in small quantaties (hazelnut size) on your clean and dry face. Then moisten your skin and shave. After shaving, wipe your face with a dry towel. Shaving with emmi-0.0.7 Shaving Lotion makes your skin feel fresh.

The special moisture formula, enriched with valuable ingredients, optimizes your skin. Designed and manufactured without animal testings. 

emmi-0.0.7. - Shaving Care Set - Pure thoroughness. Pure moisture.
Content emmi-0.0.7. - Shaving Care Set:
1 emmi-0.0.7. - 7-Blades Razor
1 emmi-0.0.7. - Shaving Lotion for Men - 150ml
Inhaltsstoffe emmi-0.0.7 Rasierlotion für Männer

• AQUA (WATER) - Wasser
• DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE - Dicaprylyl Carbonat
• GLYCERIN - Glycerin
• SODIUM POLYACRYLOYLDIMETHYL TAURATE - Natrium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurat
• PANTHENOL - Panthenol
• HYDROGENATED POLYDECENE - Hydrogenierte Polydecene
• ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN - Ethylhexylglycerin
• SQUALANE - Squalan 
• PHENOXYETHANOL - Phenoxyethanol
• PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) - Duftstoff
• GOLD, PLATINUM POWDER - Gold-, Platin-Puder
• CAPRYLYL/CAPRYL GLUCOSIDE - Capryl/Caprinalkohol-Glucosid
• TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATE - Tetranatrium Glutamat Diacetat
• SODIUM HYALURONATE - Salz der Hyaluronsäure
• SODIUM HYDROXIDE - Natriumhydroxid